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Ages 3 Years to 5 Years

Children in our Primary classroom will be inspired in many different areas of growth as we present materials to the whole child just as it was Dr. Maria Montessori’s focus. 


Our carefully prepared Primary environment is designed to facilitate the development of the children’s independence and sense of personal empowerment. Classroom materials are always accessible, attractive, safe, and geared for the child’s success. The multi-age classroom allows the children, at various stages of 3-6 years old development, to learn from and with each other.  They move freely within it, selecting work that captures their interest. They discover learning through interactions with each other and develop character, good manners, and courteous behavior.


Children in this age group tend to be independent, strong learners while developing strong social and leadership qualities: when they are hungry, they prepare their own snacks and drinks; they go to the bathroom without assistance; when something spills, they help each other carefully clean up. Children are introduced to many new themes and concepts in the prepared environment spurring their curiosity and excitement, and motivating them to work with the materials independently. They develop scientific and critical thinking skills working with the Montessori materials. This is the children’s community.


Primary children are welcome to attend three, four or five full days a week. Generally, they are asked to attend at a minimum, the number of days equal to their age.

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